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We are very excited to announce our new website. It has been a long time coming, especially because of the unique nature of our organisation. As a nonprofit organisation focused on marketing and communications, it was important for us to strike a balance between projecting a creative agency image and remaining true to our nonprofit identity. 

It has taken us four months to get to this point. Initially, we had imagined that the job only involved putting together a few texts about who we are, what we do and how we do it, compiling photos, buying a theme and customising it with the content we already had. But in getting to it, we found that just coming up with our mission and vision was in itself deep work. Many times we weighed up different versions of what we describe ourselves as, and many times we went back to the drawing board. We wanted to be sure – to leave no room for confusion or misunderstandings.

We had imagined that we would have managed to do the website ourselves, owing to a bit of knowledge we had in building simple WordPress sites. However, when it was clear to us the sort of organisation we are, the only option was to find professionals. We are happy that our paths crossed with Cchora Creative Studio, who understood our brief and steadfastly put up with our shifting desires, additions, subtractions, corrections, emails deep in the night, numerous phone calls and uncountable messages. They maintained their cool with us when we kept going back and forth on decisions and enthusiastically brainstormed with us until we got clarity. Even more, we are appreciative of their advice throughout the processes.

The biggest lesson that we have learnt in this journey is to take photos. Photograph big things, small things, all things. It is quite frustrating to have chunks of texts with little visual elements to add that oomph. In addition to their aesthetic value, photos serve as visual evidence to support your statements, and help to humanise your brand so that people not only see but also feel you. 

Thellesi Trust

This website is a representation of our identity. We are young. Colourful. We are not afraid of being unconventional. We are local. We are real. We experiment and own up to our work. We are ambitious. We are enthusiastic about using our creativity to change our communities, one person at a time. Some of the features that you shall see on the site include: 

  1. Immediately you land on the homepage, you will see two buttons – one leading you the our work and another to about us. This is to help you get to know us quickly without having to go through a lot of content.
  2. We have Swahili phrases added next to the English titles. Since we are a local organisations, adding everyday language seemed like a natural thing to do. It also adds humour to the user’s experience.  
  3. All the latest blogs are not the homepage, but can also be accessed via the top menu. No need to scroll so much to find what is on our minds. 
  4. There is a Youtube section on the website to allow you to access our videos stress free (without having to leave the site). 
  5. In the portfolio section, you are able to download the posters (memes) from various campaigns with the click of a download button! Moreover, you can leave feedback on the individual campaigns. This will help us to create better work.  
  6. We have a newsletter (that you should subscribe to) that we are learning how to use. Be sure we shall catch on to it fast! We intend to use it not only to share what we are up to and our opinions, but also what we are reading from other people so that we all exchange knowledge.

We are very happy with this website! Please go check it out and share with us any feedback that you might have. Our commitment is to keep updating, organising and customising it so that you can have an easy time accessing the information you need. We shall put out what we are learning, our success stories and even our thoughts on various issues relating to our work.

Thellesi Trust
Thellesi Trust


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